Active projects

A list of my latest doodles that actually work.


Distributed mass hashcracking system. Taking an infinite load/time to crack. (disabled access for now)


Simple list of hacking vulnerabilies and their definitions.


Generally this code is a pile of POC which is embarrasing to show the world.

  • Modular based auto-pawn
  • CrwlHard - Network to DC 123
  • Youtube sessions maybe?
  • NHack - Append shells to nmap
  • Morphay - Old script obfuscator
  • Newd - Like whatsapp but, decentralized


Most of the code I write stays inhouse. Only non-profit or code that shouldnt pose too much harm to the world is shown here. :)

Keep your eyes out for things that I do publish. Its either in PHP or Python for global compatability.

Contact Me

You can send me a message below although the codes disabled.